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WHARE Collection

Whare Collection is inspired by the embodiment of family, ancestral connection and connection to the natural world as indigenous caretakers. Whare Collection has three pathway formations: HAPU (sub-tribe), IWI (tribe) and KOTAHITANGA (Unity).

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Nga Aho practitioner:
Christina Clarke

WHARE Collection

Introducing our WHARE Collection...

Embodiment of all we are, have been and will be through and from DNA toto, whare tangata, tinana ora (tai-a-ha : first breath), he tangata, kainga, wānanga, mātauranga tae atu ki te pūtaiao māori...

Singular whare formation - Sub Tribe founded on Whanau.

Clustered whare formation - Tribe with connecting hapu and whanau.

Continuous whare formation - Unity with iwi, hapu and whanau standing together.

Akonga ki te Po, Po ki te Rangi. The emergence of consciousness, transition. Discovery, learning anew...

Papatuanuku, various colours of earthy soil tones. Foundation, standing upon. Renowned colour used on traditional carvings on whare/wharenui/wharemoko...

Tane Mahuta, earthy green, various shades of the ngahere, provides much sustainance and resource. Kura for many - rongoa, mau rakau, whakairo, nga mahi a te whare pora...

Tangaroa, from the deepest depth of thoughts to the lightest caress on your skin basking on the beach. Home of many. Lifes mirror...

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